BPL Press is a small press in a sea of small presses. We agree with Giles Corey that "more weight" to press down on this overbearing market is absolutely needed. We run the magazine The Birds We Piled Loosely and the chapbook series Hard to Swallow. TBWPL publishes three times a year, while H2S publishes three chapbooks once a year. BPL owes its origins to a one-off suggestion made by John Colasacco in May 2014 and the coffee of Recess Coffee in Syracuse, NY. It was co-founded by Nicole Letson and Jay McClintick. Karolina Zapal joined BPL January of 2016 as an "unpaid intern," but the joke's on her because no one at this press is getting paid. Cailin Ashbaugh joined on at the end of 2016 in anticipation of our move to a full-fledged press.

Birds Piled Loosely Press does not take responsibility for any sparrows missing from your neighborhood. Any crows disappeared may or may not have been the cats. The hummingbirds were probably lured away by the feeders the next street over. The hawks circling overhead perhaps found a better rim of sweating air to slip around. But yes we did take the turkeys from your backyard.

Currently the editors of the press are Nicole Letson, Jay McClintick, Karolina Zapal, and Cailin Ashbaugh